The National Center for Families Learning is offering free, online learning resources.

Disney is offering a free online program for kids called ‘Imagineering in a Box’

Oxford Owl - Free e-books and math games and activities for ages 3-11

BrainPop Junior - Learning tools for STEM, social studies, reading/writing, health and arts for grades K-3

The Space Foundation Discovery Center - STEM lesson plans for ages PreK-20

Mystery Science - Science lessons for grades K-5

Children's Museum Houston - Weather and Science videos and activities for grades PreK-5

Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Academy - Interactive middle and high school computer science curriculum

ABCYa - Reading and math games and activities for grades PreK-6 - Math lessons for grades K-5

Disneynature - Movies and complimentary educational materials for grades 2-6

Scratch - Interactive story, game and animation design from the MIT Media Lab, designed for ages 8 to 16 but available for anyone

STMath - Math lessons for grades PreK-8

Prodigy Math - Math programs for grades 1-8

Curriculum Associates - Math and reading activity packs for grades K-8

DK Find Out! - Lessons in subjects such as history, science and coding

Listenwise - Non-fiction audio stories covering ELA, social studies and science for grades 2-12

CommonLit - Reading and writing lessons for grades 3-12

Codecademy - Data science and coding lessons for high school and college students

National Geographic Kids Science Lab - Science experiments, videos and articles

National Ocean Service (NOAA) Kids - Science activities and resources for kids and educators

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems! - Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence Mo Willems explore ways of writing and making with kids of all ages

Scholastic Learn-At-Home Resources - Learning experiences for K-9

Greg Tang Math - Math games and resources for all ages

SciShow Kids - Videos explaining scientific concepts for young, curious minds

Frontiers for Young Minds - Science articles written by scientists and reviewed by kids

The Kid Should See This - STEAM, history, and culture-focused videos for kids of all ages

Imagineering in a Box - Lessons on theme park design and engineering via Walt Disney Imagineering, Pixar and Khan Academy

BBC Bitesize - Lessons covering math, English, science and more for ages 3-16+

BrainPop - Learning tools covering a variety of subjects

BreakoutEDU - Immersive learning games for grades K-12

Wonderopolis - Educational articles for grades K-12

XtraMath - Math programs for students, parents, and teachers

How Stuff Works - Educational videos exploring the world around us - Computer science lessons for grades K-12 - Keyboarding, digital literacy, and coding lessons for all ages

IXL - Lessons in math, language arts, science, social studies and Spanish for grades PreK-12 - Math, ELA, and science for grades K-12

KCET At-Home Learning - Educational resources from PBS SoCal | KCET, in partnership with LAUSD and in collaboration with California PBS stations for grades PreK-12

California Academy of Sciences - Apps, immersive interactives, and engaging videos covering a variety of science topics

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Educational videos covering life, physical and planetary sciences

NASA STEM @ Home for Students - STEM articles and activities for grades K-12+

Gizmos - Simulations exploring concepts in math and science for grades 3-12

PhET Interactive Simulations - Interactive simulations for science and math

Khan Academy - Lessons on grammar, science, history and math for grades K-12

Professor Egghead Science Academy - Interactive lessons on science and engineering - Writing and grammar activities for grades K-12

Quizlet - Flash cards, quizzes and games for languages, arts and humanities, social science, computer skills, science and math

Duolingo - Language education for 35 languages

OnlineFreeSpanish - Spanish learning games, coloring pages and interactive activities for all levels

Additional Resources (may require purchase or subscription)

Pre-school Inspirations - Lesson plans for toddlers

Other Goose - Lessons for ages 2-7

ABCmouse - Reading, math, science and art curriculum for ages 2-8

Reading IQ - Books for kids of all reading levels, ages 2-12

Raz-Kids - Literacy and reading comprehension at various levels in English and Spanish for grades K-5

Epic! - Books, learning videos and quizzes for ages 12 and under

Amplify - ELA, math and science curriculum for grades K-8

Adventure Academy - Reading, math and science games and videos for ages 8-13

Vooks - Read-aloud animated books and complementary lesson plans

Book Creator - Creative book builder for students and teachers

Conjuguemos - Language education for Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Korean and Latin

Mango - Language education for 70 languages

PandaTree - Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language education for ages 2-17

edHelper - Reading and math exercises for grades PreK-12

hand2mind - Daily lessons and activities in math and literacy for grades K-5

Institute for Excellence in Writing - English language arts lessons in writing, grammar and vocabulary for grades 3-12

CodeCombat - Game-based computer science lessons

MentalUp - Memory, logic and problem-solving games for all ages