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Dear Fellow Alaskan Adventurer,

What do you remember most when you first purchased or built your home? Was it the way it was styled, or the photographs that were taken? Was it in the details of square footage, floorpan, or numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms? Perhaps it was the feeling, even if it was subconscious. The impression of how you were going to feel in a space called home. I am here for you to design and tailor your marketing specifically to the feeling of your home, that welcoming safe place, to attract your buyer who is out there searching for a home that feels like the one you have here.

Leave the details and specifications to the paperwork, and allow me to venture with you on this journey of growth, change, and life transformation that comes with saying goodbye to this chapter and hello to a new one. Allow me to re-create what you have here and present it in it’s own original style, that is so you, but about to become something new.

Depending on how you deal with change this whole experience can be exciting or a little intimidating. Rest assured I will be here through each step of the journey to ensure you arrive to your destination with minimal turbulence that others not in the hands of trained professionals may experience. Through the first steps of the process I will be requesting a lot of information and feedback from you so I can attain a clear understanding and complete details to ensure I relay those effectively to our interested buyers. Tailored to your personal style I will update you in a manner that suits your needs to ensure you are well informed throughout our time together. At any moment if you are in need of information, assurance, or recommendations by me please do not hesitate to call, text, or email day or night and I will be available as you are important to me. Without you I couldn’t do what I love. Thank you for your time reading this. You are appreciated. Now, let’s go on an adventure together!


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